Tedx Lausanne Change 2013 – Aftermath

On April 3rd, ANV Production attended  TEDx Lausanne Change, an uplifting moment. Listening to these speakers share their Experience and how they decided to act and contribute to change was eye-opening and insightful.


 Rehearsing for the shooting at TedX Lausanne, Wednesday 03.04.2013.

The first part of the event started with Dr. Katrin Muff, Dean of Business School Lausanne who delivered an inspiring speech on ” just getting started”. What I retained from her was “one person can make a big difference, even if you have no ressources and no money, you can still make something big happen”.

Screen Shot 2013-04-08 at 12.45.14 PM

Dr. Katrin Muff at TedX Lausanne, Wednesday 03.04.2013.

Halimatou Hima from Niger, currently studying at Havard University delivered one of my most memorable speeches.


she explains what pushed her pursue higher eduction and how she got involved in causes dealing with health and development and aims to help women in her country secure their future.

A word to retain, quoted from her: illimi–>knowledge, humility and purpose. 

I must say the cherry on top of the cake was watching Bono, publicly speaking about poverty. What a pleasant surprise.


New Commercial for International University In Geneva.

We just finished a new commercial for the International University in Geneva. The spot, directed by Nastassia Roulin, will be aired on local cinemas for the next 4 months and on the University web.

This is the short version of the video.

The long version (90 seconds) will be only shown on the web of the University. Here it is.

We are now preparing a second promotional video that will be shown at the summer. More news very soon!