ANV’s latest fiction project: Dad’s Work, Short film in Development

Asides from all our ongoing projects we’ve taken the time to put this project together, finding means for it to come to life. Dad’s Work – Le travail de Papa (french working title) is a fiction written by Victor Planas-Bielsa, which stresses the camera’s importance in telling a story. It focuses on turning the camera into a character and letting it narrate the events.

The pitch: Inside a hotel room. We listen ( but not see) a man talking on the phone to his family.

In a long and unique camera movement (plan-sequence), throughout the room, previous events will unravel and reveal an unexpected truth.

“What happens to the characters in the film isn’t the film. The film is what the camera shows” – Victor


Are you ready to start a crowdfunding campaign?

Digital marketing strategist Sheri Candler explains in this video some of the realistic figures behind crowdfunding campaigns.
Unless you have an already established presence on the social networks, and a solid base of active followers, it will be very difficult to raise any significant money.

This means you need to prepare before getting out there and ask for money. You have to start soon to build your network, create awareness of yourself and your projects.
The numbers say that of all your followers, 90% will just watch at most. 9% will participate actively in your network (retweeting, liking, etc) But this doesn’t pay a movie, does it?
In fact, only 1% of your followers will show a real commitment to support your project. It looks like 1% is not much,and as more and more movies will look financing through crowdsourcing, this ratio can even be lower in the future.

At the end of the day, two things will matter the most. How good and inspiring is your project, and well you are connected. Nothing new, actually. The only thing that changed is that before you need to be well connected to a few executives in the movie industry, and now you need to be connected to thousands of unknown people that love cinema.

In both cases, you need to work your network.