Nostalagia in a Rolleiflex Mini Digi

Every two weeks or so it’s the same dilemma. What do I write about or what will I share on my next post, and every time I do the same head scratching routine. So this is something I never do analyze and look at products that are out. There’s a first time for everything..

Alright so i came across a TLR – twin’s lens reflex really randomly and my first opinion was what a nicely designed gadget, but what use will it be asides from decorating my home. Looking more into it, researching opinions and feedback about I came to the conclusion that there are two types of consumers.
The professionals that probably will use it once in a lifetime and sell it on Ebay or the collectors which will always be able to defend in a credible way their purchase.
My point is, as I delved into all this information, I felt this form of Nostalagia, where the technology is evolving every so fast…Only about 85 years ago did we have the first TLR camera, and now we’re on to digital cameras that take perfect pictures which are 10 times the size we really need them in and then we end up spending hours re-touching them to give it that old look that once was natural. Isn’t that ironic?

In the edit room: Diana Espir’s next cover (The voice 2013)

During the lovely 1st of August extended weekend we had the opportunity to work with Diana Espir (contestant of the french TV show The Voice) on her next cover.

The idea was to get a green and natural feel to the video whereabouts Diana let’s her tune transpose itself in with nature.

Probably now the biggest challenge is combining all shots to make one smooth edit without too many rocky changes that disturb the music’s rhythm as well as giving the illusion of variety.

For those of you who’d like to know of her and her music you may visit her website at or follow her on twitter @DianaEspir


diana espir the voice 2013