Geneva International Film Festival / Festival TOUS ECRANS 29th oct – 6th nov

Cinema tous ecrans

The International Film Festival, “Festival Tous Ecrans” held on the 29th of October and finishing the 7th of November is a film festival taking place in Geneva not to be missed. This is the the 19th edition held, and I hope to see many more.

Why do I recommend the event?

1. Well if your like me, that complains that prices in movie theaters in Geneva are out of a range, well your in luck, because screenings at this festival

are free. (There is a limit in tickets though, I believe it’s only two per person).

2. It’s filled with the latest features, short films, television series, web series, documentaries as well as interactive films. Therefore provided choice for everyone’s taste.

3. Sometimes the director is at the screening to present his film and answer any questions you may have regarding it.

4. It’s social! They organize events after the projection, and this year they are doing from the 1st to 6th of Nov blind test every evening, so sign-up before it’s too late.

5. Conferences are held such as “Digital Creation: A return to Reality?”

6. Midnight screenings are held aka as “Nuit Blanches”. (This a new concept that they are trying out this year)

7. Inside Llewyn Davis written and directed by Ethan & Joel Coen will be the opening film!

…. and there many other reasons

The ANV team will be at most of the screenings, hope to see some familiar faces at the Festival!

inside llewyn davis3