Ben’s Stiller sits behind the camera, and it’s better than you think.

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty is Ben Stiller’s directorial debut. He also stars in the film, playing the main
character, Walter Mitty. It’s a film that sits a part from the film’s we’re used to seeing Stiller play in. It combines
drama and light comedy. Nothing compared to Zoolander (2001) or Along came Polly (2004) which sit at the
other extreme.


It’s a film about an average man that dreams big. He has moments throughout his daily routine where he phases
out and re-imagines his own reality, and how that moment would be. It’s purely fictional and it works great. It’s a
pity some of his re-imagined scenes don’t work as well. What I liked less about the film were all the clichés of a
typical story. Boy likes girl. Boy is shy. Boy girl start getting to know each other..etc..etc. I found the woman that
played Walter Mitty’s flame reminded me of Jenifer Aniston, coincidence? After some research I found that back
in 1974 a film under the same name existed.

kristen-wiig-at-the-secret-life-of-walter-mitty-premiere-in-hollywood_2 walter-mitty

From what I’ve read it’s a project that took at least 10 years to make, as the  initial producer’s had hired new
screenwriters, and a different cast and director were planned. Over the years the cast kept on changing,
at some point  it was even speculate that Sacha Baron Cohen was envisaged for the role.
The initial director also dropped out due to his commitment on another film. I still haven’t figured out how
Stiller landed in there regarding the direction but I am happy to have been able to seem in another light.

My conclusion to this is Ben Stiller’s film is a remake of the old, with a different approach and a few tweaks
in the story. You can like it or hate it, but he has an eye for nice shots. Probably what’s missing is a good
rhythm. Sometimes I feel like the film drags on or some shots could be shorter.

The film has received decent ratings, I believe mainly because the imagery of the film is top notch.
Is it a film worth a watch? I would say yes. Is it a film to watch in a movie theater? It’s a pass for me,
but there are nice landscape and bird’s eye shots that do like great on the big screen.