The hidden downward spiral of VFX in Hollywood

“Life after Pi” is a MUST WATCH documentary, that underlines the issues that VFX studios are facing. A harsh reality of the hollywood business model for the Visual effects department.

Life of Pi_VFX

Although it’s 30 min.  length, it’s gripping, poignant and sincere. I was almost shedding tears myself at the end. It comprises testimonials given by team members of Rhythm and Hues (VFX company) on the difficulty it was to run a sustainable business within the industry. The illusion of success and profit. The solidarity between the Visual Effects team. The tough decision that led the company to bankruptcy.

A part of myself could identify with most of their issues, on a smaller scale. I was clearly touched by a particular passage in the documentary at 22:00, where the Visual Effects team that won the oscar for visual effects were cut of after 44.5 seconds of speech with a lame jaws theme music, which was inappropriate within that context at that time. Not to mention when Ang Lee director of “Life of Pi”, had thanked almost everyone part form the Visual Effects team, that were responsible for the film’s look at 23:24. The fact that a film is not made on it’s own, it takes a full team, from beginning to end to allow a film to bloom to it’s full potential. I’m the first to agree that everyone deserves the same level of recognition. The full crew should not be taken for granted nor overlooked, and this video truly reinforces this.

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