ANV’s latest fiction project: Dad’s Work, Short film in Development

Asides from all our ongoing projects we’ve taken the time to put this project together, finding means for it to come to life. Dad’s Work – Le travail de Papa (french working title) is a fiction written by Victor Planas-Bielsa, which stresses the camera’s importance in telling a story. It focuses on turning the camera into a character and letting it narrate the events.

The pitch: Inside a hotel room. We listen ( but not see) a man talking on the phone to his family.

In a long and unique camera movement (plan-sequence), throughout the room, previous events will unravel and reveal an unexpected truth.

“What happens to the characters in the film isn’t the film. The film is what the camera shows” – Victor


Short Movie in Geneva

We are pre-producing a new short-movie. Currently finalizing the script, we will start in a few weeks to select the Cast and decide the locations. The film will be shot in English, and probably between Lausanne and Geneva.