We love cinema
It’s good to watch good movies, but it’s even better to be part of it
Which movies do we like? Those with strong characters, emotions, and compelling stories. Nous aimons le cinéma.
C’est sympa de regarder de bons films, mais c’est encore mieux d’y participer.
Quels films aimons-nous ? Ceux avec des personnages et des émotions forts et des histoires irrésistibles.

  • Exploring Equador.
    Directed by: Patricia goldschmidt and Victor Planas-Bielsa

    This 50-minute documentary follows the steps of Karl Theodor Goldschmid (KTG), a geologist who spent many years exploring different regions of South America in the early- to mid-20th century, especially the Amazon basin in Ecuador. In his diaries, KTG describes his time in the Ecuadorian landscape among the isolated populations of the rainforest. KTG was among the first explorers in this region and one of the few to return with such detailed descriptions. He also produced some extraordinary photographs, which were the first coloured images of the Amazon basin. The documentary juxtaposes his account of this experience with a visit to the same regions today, after the world has infiltrated this past innocence. DIRECTOR'S NOTE Karl Theodor Goldschmid (KTG) was a man of few words but profound thought. He was an intellectual, a philosopher, a musician, a husband and a father. And he was my grandfather. I remember him most sitting quietly on his armchair smoking his pipe, making occasional, very dry and often humorous


  • The Millennium Problem
    Directed by: Victor Planas-Bielsa

    Tursov, one of the most brilliant mathematicians of the last decades, calls his best friend unexpectedly to announce him that he just solved one of the 7 Millennium Problems, the most difficult problems existing in Mathematics. They decide to meet immediately but in his way to the University, Tursov suffers a car accident. When he awakes he can't remember anything related to the solution of the millennium problem. What happened then in the last 24 hours of Tursov's life? The only thing that Tursov can remember is a woman's lips saying "no...". He and his colleague will try to reconstruct the last 24 hours of Tursov's life to solve the mystery, and they'll discover something terrible... Short Movie: 15'' With Isabelle Caillat & Laurent Sandoz Written by Diego Blas and Victor