Two Worlds Vs. Nuit Blanche

I came across one of Sony’s commericals, Two Worlds from their make.believe campaign. The first thing that struck to me was it’s resemblance to Nuit Blanche (beautifully made video on After Effects). Two Worlds is a very nice video, it’s just dejà vu, they should’ve tried to push the idea further.

Sony – Two Worlds (Director’s Cut) from Spy Films on Vimeo.

Nuit Blanche from Spy Films on Vimeo.

Which do you prefer, the original or the Sony version?



« Exit through a Gift Shop » – Bansky Documentary

You most likely have seen Bansky’s work without knowing it, as he is most well known for his graffiti work appearing on popular streets, walls, bridges worldwide. Even Geneva has Bansky’s art imprinted on it’s walls

Observe the walls next time your out and about, you may even recognize other popular artists from the same scene such as Invader, popular for his invader tiled graphics tagged in public areas

So what does Banksy have to do with a documentary you might question? Well in fact this picture was motivated from an initial video disaproved by the original filmmaker.

Bansky thought it was a pity to not do anything with all the material filmed on his art and decided to give the medium a shot. Having done so, eventually led him to direct the project which will have been the result of a premiere at the « Sundance Festival » in 2010 and the win of an Acadamy Award for « Best Documentary in 2011.

The success of his film wasn’t planned and yet managed to get his work critically acclaimed and viewed by numerous spectators.

When I first started watching « Exit through a Gift Shop », my expectations were really low as it was technically awful. The camera shakes a lot, the quality of the image is not great, you can tell shots aren’t really thought out, a lot of it is just filming action but without aesthetics. This however didn’t stop me from watching the movie til the end. In fact all the mentioned factors from above didn’t matter in the moment.

It is only now that I have a more critical view upon it that i can draw out it’s weaknesses. This story, initially supposed to paint out the history of graffiti art and Basnky ended up being about the improbable rise of an unknown filmmaker turned artist and ranking alongside top street artists. I found the storyline original and one of a kind. I definitley give Bansky credit for going through 10’000 hours of footage (if you watch the movie you’ll know why) and managed to come out with something entertaining and watchable.

Thumbs up to Bansky.

Creative Guidelines in Bullet Points

Photo Manipulation by Natalia Naka Adamska

I’ve actually been doing a lot of thinking during the holidays. More specifically on ideas and creativity, and where they come from. I didn’t really find the answer I wanted but that’s most likely because I had already set an expectation in my mind. Expectations are actually the number one enemy of creative thinking. On the other hand reversing an expectation can broaden your thinking. With this said, I was hinted on some reading material and people to research and came across interesting ways of generating ideas or setting up a creative environment.

I don’t plan on writting a full article on this matter, many websites, blogs and videos do that already. However, I will instead list a best of in bullet points of statements, facts, thoughts that I noted down and that mattered enough for me to write them down. Maybe these will clarify or enlighten you too on the subject.

So I will leave you to discover the following points:

  • Creativity cannot be explained
  • Creativity is NOT a talent, it is a way of operating
  • Creativity is playing aournd with ideas
  • Creativity is when we are not under pressure to get something done quickly
  • It’s easier to do trivial things that are urgent (thus not creative) than to do important things that aren’t such as thinking.
  • As John Cleese (actor, became famous through Monty Python) states 5 vital elements that are necessary for setting up a creative environment ; Space, Time, Time (again), confidence, 22 inch waist….humour
  • The most creative proffessionals played the problem much longer than the standard
  • Following point 7. it is essential to leave the mind as long as possible to come up with an original idea. (This goes back to the factor of time)
  • Confidence is important. You cannot be playful if you’re scared that moving in a certain direction may be wrong.
  • It’s easier to be creative if you have someone to play with – bounce of ideas. (Make sure it is someone you like and trust, that won’t turn your ideas down)
  • By changing your perspective you expand your possibilities
  • Sharing your ideas will push for exchange to take place and will most likely lead to other ideas.
  • Creativity means taking risks. Trying new things is a step towards breaking out of traditional thinking.

Sources :
Thinkertoys: a handbook of creative-thinking techniques, Michael Michalko – Ten Speed Press – 2006